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6. Transition

Set up……..

Area – Half a field. A 30 x 40 yard field is set up outside the penalty area. The two teams play 5 v 5 or more inside this area.

A goalkeeper is positioned in the main goal and two wide players are situated as shown with soccer balls.

1.Teams play normal soccer rules.

2. As soon as a goal is scored that team must send in two players into the penalty box where they receive a cross from one of the wide players.

3. Once the ball comes in, the two players attempt to score.

4. The team that conceded the goal now have a 5 v 3 overload. They play quickly and attempt to score.

5. Once the players attacking the cross have finished, they rejoin their team.

Coaching points:

Players reaction to the transition, defense and offense.

Players get in for the cross quickly.


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