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6. Pressing

Set up……..

Area – 35 x 35. 12 players and 4 mini goals.

It's a possession session 8 v 4 keep away. (Red and yellow combine versus whites.

1. The team of 8 must retain the ball for as long as possible.

2. If whites win the ball they play 'all-in' with the whites trying to score on any of the small goals.

3. The team of 8 must react quickly and press to win the ball back.


Move to 6 v 6 with two goals. Each team defending their own goal.

Coaching points:

Look what happens in transition to losing the ball.

Even though the team press the ball, the have to have good cover and balance.

Communication ("Left shoulder" "Right shoulder" "Man on" "Turn")


Download the practice card

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