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6. Breaking lines.

Set up……..

Area – 30 x 20 (mark out five 6 x 20 zones) Two GK's on the endlines and 5 teams of three (or four) players. Zones 1, 3 and 5 are attacking zones while 2 and 4 represent defending zones. All players stay in their zone.


1. The coach starts the exercise by passing to a GK.

2. The GK then passes into zone 1.

3. The objective is to play forward and through the lines across the 4 zones and get the ball to the GK on the opposite side.

4. This is a continuous end-toend practice. If the defenders in zone 2 & 4 win the ball or block a pass they swap zones with the team that gave the ball away.

5. If the attacking team is slow, the coach can switch them with a defending team.


Remove the zones and play 9v6 going end-to-end.

Coaching points:

Move the ball quickly. (Play 2 touch maximum)

Body shape.

Good awareness.

Reaction to losing the ball.

Defending - Stay compact but quick to shuffle across. Be a sensible distance apart.

Good communication


Download the practice card

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