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5. Crossing and finishing

Set up……..

Area – Three cones spaced out on the edge of the 18. Three players stand on a cone. The coach has all the soccer balls. There is a goalkeeper in the goal.

1. The coach passes the ball to player A.

2. Player A passes to player B and then moves to the middle of the grid with an open body position.

3. Player B passes to player C and goes on an overlap.

4. Player C passes to player A and then runs to attack the front post.

5. Player A passes into space for overlapping player B and then attacks the box (back post)

6. Player B crosses the ball to one of the attacking players.


Practice both directions.

• Add a defender

Coaching points:

 • The player crossing the ball has to choose which attacker to cross to and what type of cross. Keep the ball away from the goalkeeper.

• Shot at the goal. Choose a target.

• Timing of the run to front and back post. These players are staggered, not in a line.

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