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4. Playing through the midfield

This supporting white player is the first to react

Download the practice card

Phase II

Set up……..

Area – Two 20 x 20 with a 5 yard zone in the middle. 11 players. 4v4 in the box with two end line players and a player in the central zone.

1. After 2 or more passes the ball can be transferred to the central player.

2. The possession team now go and support the play in the opposite playing area while the central player waits for support.

3. They attempt to get the ball to the opposite end line player. If successful they continue with possession. If they lose the ball then possession is taken by the reds who continue to try and move the ball through the lines.

4. The defenders also move to the opposite playing area.

Coaching points:

Possession teams find the 'pocket' in between defenders.

There will be lots of one touch passing.

Yellow players must also work off angles to create a 6v4

Communication and movement

Field awareness

Decision making


Move to a larger game. See the final exercise from this session


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