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4. 1 v 1 in a flat back four

1v1 in a flat back 4 - Area – Half a field with four playing areas as shown. Two midfielders for each team are placed on the half way line. The dark midfielders are support players for the attackers and are there for wall passes. The yellow midfield are there for the defender to pass to if they win the ball.

4v4 with 2 or 3 target players outside the area. The coach has all the soccer balls.

1. The coach passes to an attacker. That player can only use the channel they are assigned to. They play a 1v1 against the defender. The other attackers still offer support in their channel.

2. If the attacker is successful they can either shoot or cross for a team mate.

3. If he/she cannot beat the defender they pass to another team mate (red lines)

4. Defenders who are not involved in the play must still take up good defensive positions in their channels. 


Remove the channels

Coaching points:


Positive 1 v 1


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