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3. Quality passing

Set up……..

Area – 25 x 25 square with diamond in the center as shown. 10 - 16 players and two soccer balls. Players are placed on the corners and one player on each of the cones in the center. Start with two balls. Pass the ball clockwise. Players follow their pass.

1.Player passes to the angled player who receives the ball with their back foot (Right foot) and passes to the next player.

2.Outside player takes a touch around the cone with their back foot (Left foot) and passes to the next waiting player.

3.After every pass, the player follows the pass to the next cone.

4.Players attempt to take two touches.


• Go counter clockwise. Outside players back foot going counter clock wise will be their right foot and for the middle players, it will be their left foot.

• You can also add three or four soccer balls depending on the ability of your group.

Coaching points:

Pass, weight accuracy and timing.


Receiving with their ’Back foot’ with open body shape so they can see the player passing the ball and the player they are passing too.


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