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3. Overlaps

Area: 20 x 30. This exercise shows 12 players. Set up as shown. One soccer ball is used.

1. The starting player switches the ball to the opposite wide player and continues his run to the opposite group.

2. The wide player takes a good first touch inside and dribbles.

3. The The center player makes an overlapping run at pace. The wide player passes the ball to the overlapping player who now passes to the next player.

4. The players that have just completed the exercise join the opposite group.

5. The attacking move now comes back in the other direction.


a) See red arrows. Both wide players play a give and go before passing to the overlapping player.

b)  The receiving wide player touches the ball back to the central player who now dribbles the ball. The two wide players now switch and overlap the central player. The central player now decides who to pass the ball to.

Coaching points:


Weight of pass

Timing of run

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