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Blueprint for success -  Team diary

2015 - 2016

May 2015

Try outs completed. We have 7 new players on the team. All these players have great attitudes and will soon start to understand my expectations. At U11 we will now play 9v9. We have 26 in the squad. We will be starting our practices June 1st and we will be working on the P90 phase II practice curriculum.

June 2015

The first week of practice showed me that the new players will take time to fit into our style of play and coaching. This is understandable and it shows how far the players from the following year have progressed.

Sunday 7th   - Pick up game against the team that beat us 9-1 this time last year. Team White vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Won 5-2

Started really slow but then picked up the decision making and got into a really good style of play.

                       - Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-3.

This was the result that the players wanted and enjoyed but the players looked pretty slow to react to decisions. The players did not have much of a thought process but this team has 6 new players added to the squad. This team will be a lot stronger in 3 months time. 

Practice this week will be all about decision making.

Saturday 27th - Mini tournament - Gold level

                          - Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 7-1. 

                       - Team White      vs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Won 2-0 - This was against the team that beat us 22-3 this time last year.

                          - Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-1

                             Mini tournament - Silver level

                          - Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-1. 

                         -  Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 2-1

The team is progressing well. It has been a transition change for the group because the new players are getting use to our style of coaching. I believe that our group has a mentality to do well no matter what obstacles they are faced with. If we have players that we need to be patient with, the team understands that. If we play against weaker or stronger teams, we still play to the same style of play and work together. This has been a great month and the team is looking strong.                        


July 2015

Friday 10th to 13th -  Summer tournament

                          - Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-2. 

                         -  Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 4-1

                          - Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-0

                          - Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 7-1

             FINAL  - Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 1-1 (Lost 4-2 on PK's)

This was a great weekend for the team. At the moment we are playing with no GK in the team. Three of the outfield players who are very athletic have been sharing the GK duties. I think the 2-4-2 formation causes the opposition problems and we don't come across any coaches that adjust to it. All the teams we play against play the same formation (3-3-2) The final was against a very athletic team and it was a great game. I had never practice penalty kicks with the team so I have to be upset at myself. The goal we conceded was on a set play where we stood back closer to the goal line than the edge of the 18 yard area. I told the team that we cannot get too upset because we had not worked on these things. We also had a lot of poor throw-ins. Another part of the game that we need to work on. The group is progressing nicely and we are a couple of players short to enter the top division in the fall.


                          - Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 1-1. 

                         -  Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 3-3

                         -  Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 2-2

                         -  Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1 (Third place consolation)

This team has more than 50% of the group that are new to the club. The balance of the group is not quite where I want it but they improved with each game. They started to understand the formation and played some really nice soccer at times. This group has a great spirit about them and it was fun to see them grow. Throw-ins were a problem and we need to address this at practice. The third place game was a great game and we scored in the final seconds to win it. The boys got a lot out of this weekend and I'm confident they can start improving on their soccer knowledge.


August 2015

Friday 7th to 9th -  Summer tournament

                          - Team White/Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-0. 

                         -  Team White /Green  vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-2

                          - Team White/Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-0

                          - Team White/Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 3-2

             FINAL  - Team White /Green  vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 1-1 (Lost 5-4 on PK's)

This was the first time that a team from our club had travelled away to play in a tournament. We had to take a mixed team with half from the white team and half from the green team. I placed the team in the silver bracket. Because we practice together there is no issue when playing together. It was a great experience for everyone and to play in the championship game was a great achievement. We played the team that beat us 3-2 in the round robin stage and it was a great final. The boys improved and matured together as a team. We will be back next year and hopefully we can take two teams. The one thing I got from it was that my team is not in shape. I am still from the old school of thinking. A 10 year old boy should run forever! Not in today's environment they don't. I need to step up the intensity and fitness of the practice sessions.


Sept 2015

Saturday 5th - I arranged two pick up games with one of the top teams in the state.

Team White    vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 6-2

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 8-1


This was a disappointing weekend. For the white team I played a different formation Instead of our usual 2-4-2, I went with a 3-2-3. This caused the boys to shut down mentally which also had an effect on their decision making. We told the boys that we need to understand at least two systems of play and that we will play that gin through the season when we are a few goals up.

The Green team were very disappointing  There was no thought process and we lacked any creative ideas. Everyone played as an individual. Lots of work on the practice field this week.


Saturday 12th - The start of the 2015 season.

White team have been placed in Division 1 and the Green team in Division 2.


Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1

Could have played a lot better but the team we played was pretty good. The boys clawed out a result because the effort was there and they just kept on working hard.

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1

We had a good talk before the game on taking responsibility for your actions. This team has not been showing signs of improvement. This comes from the lack of effort they have been putting in at practices. We said to wipe the slate clean and we start from today. The boys worked really hard and pulled off a result.


Sunday 13th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-1


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 2-2

We could have been 5-0 down at half time but it was only 2-0. The performance was poor and I told the boys that it all comes down to preparation. Games are won on the practice field and we do not prepare for games as well as we should. For the second half we changed from a 2-4-2 formation to a 3-2-3. We managed to claw it back to 2-2 but this team has a lot to learn about life lessons never mind soccer training. I have a new head coach for the green team. I am going to assist him at the games.


Saturday 19th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 6-2

We got a few early goal and at half time we were up 4-0. I want the team to learn two formations so I switched it to 3-2-3 for the second half. WOW! The opposition scored 2 goals in the first 5 minutes so I quickly reverted back to 2-4-2. We got back on track and ended up comfortable winners.


Sunday 20th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 3-3

Played against our local rivals and we were second best at everything. We mentally shut down and the occasion got to us. I told the players that they have to get excited for games like these.


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 5-2

This is probably one of the better teams in the league and we were 2-1 up at half time. The mental side of the game cost us dearly.


Saturday 26th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-1

I know this sounds crazy but we are not playing well. We are top of the division and going through a slump. We will get back to playing the style of soccer I want but it is a matter of when.


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 4-1

We were poor in our 1v1 battles and we kept on jumping into tackles.

We are going to work on defending this week.

Sunday 27th -


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-1

This was a well needed boost for the team.

October 2015


Saturday 3rd -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-0



Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 4-1


Sunday 4th -


Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 7-1


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-1


Another good week on the practice ground by the boys. 


Saturday 10th -

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1

The teams best performance. They played with a purpose and put some thought into what they were doing.


Sunday 11th -


Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 9-0

Played against the team we beat 3-2 in the summer tournament. We played really well as a team and had some nice combination plays.



Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-2


Saturday 17th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-0

This game was against the team that was in first place. We were lucky at times but managed to score a couple of really good team goals. With this win we moved into 1st place. I'm still not seeing the spark from the team though. I think they are getting a little burnt out with soccer.



Sunday 18th -


Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 1-0

This was just 'one of those games.' We could have played all night and still not scored. This game was against the bottom team in the division. The team has learned a valuable lesson is sports. Nothing is guaranteed!


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Lost 6-5

The guys put up a brave display but just come up short. The players are starting to show improvements and I think a couple of them deserve a chance to play on the White team.


Sunday 25th -


Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1

The weather was horrible and the cold got to the players. It was shocking to see that they did not come prepared for the conditions. The boys showed up like it was a game in the summer and it cost the team a good performance. We managed to scrape through and the group has one game left in the regular season. 

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Won 9-0

The team we played should not be playing in this division. This game was silly. We were 4-0 up after 10 minutes. We tried to keep the score down and ended up playing with 6 players instead of 9.

November 2015

Sunday 1st -


Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 1-3

If the team won today they would become champions! This did not look like a team that was hungry for the win. I look back and think how far the group has come and even though the team missed a fantastic opportunity, they have still achieved a lot over these last 18 months. In reality, the boys do not practice properly away from the practice sessions. That includes the green team. The team ended up finishing in third place.


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Tied 2-2

The Green team did progress. The season was very respectable. The team finished 5th and came away feeling proud.


January 2016

We are finishing up winter 7v7 and both teams had a great learning experience. Playing the 7v7 will help the boys understand the 9v9 even more. I am pleased that we did the 7v7 instead of indoor futsal. Practices start at the end of the month


February 2016

Practices have started and they are going really well. We have been using the practice sessions from the P90 'Practice day' segment.

Saturday 27th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-0

The team worked really hard and it was a solid performance. What we need to work on this week is finding the strikers. We tend to play in a 10 x 10 area and we get caught in possession a lot by the opposition.

Sunday 28th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-2

Terrible conditions. Really strong winds. The team went 2-0 down against the wind and turn things around in the second half. The boys showed great character throughout the game.

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 7-0

The same conditions. The boys played some nice soccer and the two defenders played really well.

March 2016

Sunday 6th -

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 4-1

Played with 8 players. My fault. I did not monitor team snap which would have shown me that we only had 9 players available to play in the game. I could have added some White team players. This will not happen again. The boys hung in there and did a good job.


Saturday 12th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 3-0

Poor performance from the boys. I have known it for a while now that the boys are very shy on the field. I have to find a way in which I can get them to communicate with each other.

Sunday 13th -

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Tied 3-3

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Won 6-1


April 2016

Sunday 3rd -

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Tied 3-3

The group has been practicing really well and we have stepped up the coaching sessions. We have introduced more verbal communication about understanding the game. We have really worked on encouraging the boys to keep the ball and to not be afraid of dropping the ball back.


Sunday 10th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 4-2

Dominated the first half by going 4-0 up. We were a little sloppy in the second half.


Saturday 16th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1

We were very lucky to win this game. The team worked really hard but are no quite understanding team play. We do not understand the concept of keeping possession and communicating. I want them to mature more on the field and start helping each other.


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Lost 7-2

The team had 10 players (2 from our u10's) because some of the green team players decided to play baseball. The team that was on the field was capable of putting in a good performance but we ended up playing 8 v 9 for the majority of the game because of injuries. The team played well in parts of the game but we needed a little more mental strength to make it more enjoyable.


Sunday 17th -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 4-2

Very much like yesterday. First half was quiet and not much team play. We picked it up a little in the second half. The pleasing things were the goals we scored. Good team goals. The opposition scored twice because of our mistakes. The referee was awful.


Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 5-3

Had good energy at times but failed to listen to the coaching staff. This group needs to take responsibility in what they are doing. We scored some nice goals but kept on giving silly goals away.


Saturday 23rd -

Team White   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 3-1

CHAMPIONS!!!! What a fantastic game. We played the second place team and it was a great game. The boys have finished in first place and it has been an amazing effort from everyone. This is a great way to end the season. Because of the changes in US Soccer the team will be split up. Some will play U12 and some will move to U13. I will be moving with the U13's. The development plan from P90 has been the inspiration for these boys and I would like to thank P90 for all their help.


Sunday 24th -

Team Green   vs    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Won 2-1

The boys put in a good performance. They finished half way in their division and would have finished higher if spring sports had not got in the way. These boys have improved so much and will hopefully take away a great life lesson. Work hard and things will happen for you.



What a rewarding 2 years. We started with a group that did not understand the game and major components that come with learning soccer. We addressed the issues of behavior and work ethic early on and then started to teach. The boys have made me a better coach and person and I have learned more from them than they have learned from me. I think the US Soccer change has come at a good time . Both sets of players whether born 2004 or 2005 have had a great foundation of soccer learning which will help them to go into the next season with confidence. Our club plays the same system so the coach that takes over the 2005 group will continue the same coaching philosophy with the group. The team will now move on and play in the Premier Division. Thanks for reading.

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