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11. Running with the ball

Set up……..

Area – 60 x 30 (Three 20 x 30 grids) Middle zone is empty. The exercise is shown using 13 players. 5 v 2 in one grid 4 v 2 in the other.

1. In the 5 v 2 Grid. Players keep possession for 4 or more passes.

2. After 4 or more passes, a player can run with the ball to the next group to create a 5 v 2 in that grid.

3. The running player must pass the ball to a team-mate before entering the grid.

4. Players that are now in the 4 v 2 grid swap defenders.

The coach has all the balls so he can keep the game flowing. If the ball is won by a defender, call out a player, serve in a ball and have them start the exercise again.

Coaching points:

Enthusiasm, intelligence and energy

Patience in possession, movement to find space. Create angles.

Decision making to find the right player who can exploit the space in the middle zone. 


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