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10. Find the space

Set up……..

Area – 20 x 20. 8 players. Make two teams of 4. Each team has a soccer ball.

1. Yellows move the ball from east to west and darks from north to south.

2. Players are looking ahead to see what ball they can play. The outside players can move side to side on the outer line.

3. Players receive the ball with an open body an control the ball with the ”Back foot”.


Once a player passes to an outside player, they swap positions.

Play with one ball with a 2 v 2 in the middle.

Coaching points:

Lots of movement to create the angle for a pass.

Open body stance.

Receive on the “Back foot”.


Patience to get the ball to the opposite side.

The ball can be dropped back to the outer player.


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