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10. Quick play - Possession

The left back is in the best position to offer support.

Download the practice card

Set up……..

Area – Full field 11 v 11 (or smaller 9v9 run 1-3-3-2 or 7v7 run 1-2-3-1) There are three zones on the field.

It's a possession session with the mindset of forward thinking and forward movement. This is about players being positive and able to make quick decisions.

Here are the rules:

1. The attacking team has 2 touches in it's defensive third, 3 touches in the middle third and 'all-in' in the attacking third.

2. Once the ball has been passed forward into a new third it cannot be passed back into the zone it came from. As a result, forward players will need to have quick movement off the ball to create space and scoring opportunities.

3. A ball cannot be dribbled over the line but once it is played the best supporting player can move into that zone to support the play. The defender cannot follow.

4. The ball must be played through all the thirds and a goal can only be scored in the attacking third.


Allow players to move into any zone but the same passing touches apply in their zones.

Coaching points:

Speed of thought.

Support and movement.


The attacking team still be aware of their defensive duties.


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