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1. Playing out from the back

Area – 22 x 30 with two goals divided into two halves. A GK and two defenders start in each half. A midfielder starts on the halfway line. Two opposing strikers are in each half. When not in the game, the strikers wait on the halfway line.

1.GK starts with the ball.

2.Two defenders split and midfielder drops to create a diamond shape 4 v 2.

3.The aim of the four defensive players is to create 3 passes and transfer the ball into the next group.

4.The strikers put the defense under pressure.

5.The other strikers enter the game once the ball is given to the GK at the other end. So does the midfield player.

6.If the strikers win the ball they try to score.


There is now no passing restrictions. The GK, defenders and the midfield player combine to play the ball to the two strikers inside the opposite half. If successful, the midfielder joins in to create a 3 v 2 to score.

Now play from the opposite direction.

Coaching points:

Center backs split

Create the diamond shape – The midfield player must never be on the same line as the strikers.

Correct body shape

Use the GK whenever you can

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